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Allez- Teddyson John

Sugar Rush- Hypasounds

Professional- Ricardo Drue

On De Low- Patrice Roberts

Gym Instructor- Lil Rick

No Behavior- Cloud 5

Party Done- Angela Hunte & Machel

Loner- Lyrikal

Circles- Kerwin Du Bois

Different Me- 5 Star Akil

When Ah Touchdown- King Bubba FM

All Night- King Bubba

All Ah Dem- Problem Child

Money Done- Patrice Roberts

Dip & Roll- LYrikal

Boom Boom Jump- Lil Rick

Plenty- Skinny Fabulous

No Apology- Kerwin Du Bois

Pop Ah Bottle- Machel HD

All Ah We (Smooch Mix)- Peter Ram

In Yo Panty- Mason

Bum Bum- Third Bass

My House- Farmer Nappy

Spontaneous- Red Plastic Bag

Survive the Weekend- Marvay

All is Rum- Platta & Lil Rick

The Weekend- Platta & Skinny

AH Just Start- King Bubba Mashup FM

The Last One- LeadPipe & Saddis

Work- Lil Bitts

Overdoing it- Ravi B & kerwin

Like Ah Boss- Machel Montano

Bashment- Young Voice

Normal- Destra Garcia

Lucy- Destra Garcia

Garden- Stify

Friends- GBM & Shal Marshall

Some More- Timaya

Block THe Road- Fay Ann Lyons & Stonebwoy

Intentions- Erphaan Alves

Endless Wuk (Travis Mix)- Machel HD

Magic!- Sekon Sta & Nadia Batson

Sick Jab- Loose CAnon

More Jab- Skinny

Dutty Dancing- Hypa 4000

No Behavior (DJ gomez)- KC, Melo & Big Red

High Influence- Lavaman




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Go Dung (Remix)- Machel & Lil Rick

No Getaway- Blaxx

We Doing This Owa- Fay Ann Lyons

Lucy- Destra Garcia

Phenominal- Benjai

Ola- Olatunji

Party Done- Machel & Angela Hunte

Dutti- Hyasounds

A Little Wne- Patrice Roberts

No Behaviour- Cloud 5

Monster Winer (Road Mix)- Lil Rick & Kerwin Du Bois

Put In That wOrk- Sekon sta

Who Drinking Rum- King Bubba FM

Mashup- King Bubba FM

All Ah We- Peter Ram

How She Like It- Hypasounds

Remedy- Machel Montano & Shaggy

Fever- Mr. Killa

No Rest- Destra Garcia

Tay Lay Lay- Machel & Peter C Lewis

Pump Yuh Flag- Machel Montano

Ministry of Road- Machel Montano

Maddest Crew- Blaxx

Miss Behave- Fay Ann Lyons

What a gal can whine- delly anx

Nuh Trust People- Vybz Kartel

Way Up Stay Up- Ching Ching

Drop it- Baby CHam

One Wine- Sean Paul & Machel

Sanko- Timaya & Destra

Clarks- Vybz Kartel, Popcaan

Pon Di Jockey- Aidonia

Soca In Meh Vein- Alison Hinds

Bruk It Down- Mr. Vegas


Birthday Song- Omari Ferrari


Posted by JEL Roberts on July 17, 2015 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (1) [CD TRACKED] [YOUTUBE]

All Ah We- Peter Ram

Fettin Mode- Sanctuary

Mash Up- King Bubba FM

Whole Night- King Bubba FM

For All Ah Dem- Problem Child

Money Done- Patrice Roberts

Celebrate- Mr. Dale

When Tomorrow Come- Don Trent

Sugar Rush- Hypasounds

Freedom- Mikey & Monstapiece

Some Things Never Change- Mikey

Nobody- Lyrikal

My Island- Biggie Irie

Wuk- Preedy/FaddaFox

Tequila- Nikita & King Bubba

Fire Meh- Imani

My House- Farmer Nappy

Survive The Weekend- Marvay

How She Like It- Hypasounds

Carnival Child- LeadPipe & Saddis

Soca Soldier- Coco & Hollabak

Hello- Shanta Prince

Firedancer (Puffy) - I-Octane & T-Smallz

Hit After Hit- Platta & Lil Rick

Non Stop- D.P.

Dah Wuh Um Is- Salt

Bus Crawl- Stiffy & Jagwa

Or Nah- Level Vibes

Down Pon It- Level Vibes

Balance Pun It- Stiffy

Superior- SALT

Dah Ain Bad- Porgie & Murda

How Yuh Want It- King Bubba

Don't Mind Dem- Scrilla

Tornado- Verseewild

Plenty- Skinny Fabulous

Boom Boom Jump- Puffy & Lil Rick

Vibe Capture Me- Verseewild

I Pumpin- Yanick Hooper/Kubiyashi

Own Day- Cooper Dan

Wid You (DJ JEL DUB)- Statement

You're My Number One- Kirk Brown

Hold You- Saddis

True Colours- Yannick Hooper

Professional- Ricardo Drue

Sweet Type of Way- Biggie IRie

On De Low- Patrice Roberts

Gym Instructor- Arturo Tappin/Lil Rick

Spontaneous- Red Plastic Bag

Life Support- Shaquille

All Inclusive- Ian Webster

We Time Ah Year- Scrilla

Make People Jump- King Bubba

Rum King- Platta & King Bubba FM

All Is Rum- Platta & Lil Rick

Put We Out- Sekon Sta

It's the Weekend- Skinny

The Last One- Lead Pipe & Saddis

Animal- Big Red The DJ

No Behavior- Cloud 5

Dutty Dancing- Hypa 4000

We Bizness- Lil Rick

Hands On De Road- Puffy & Mikey

Mash Up International- Travis World & Skinny Fabulous

Wet- Imani

Soca Format- Porgie N Murda

Fly- Leadpipe/Saddis

Fettin Problemz- Fadda Fox

No Authority- Dwaingerous & Lil Rick

Where Yuh Mudda Get Yuh From- Yannick Hooper



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Cool me Down- Tarrus Riley

Country Bus- Agent Sasco

Talk Dem Ah Talk- Morgan Heritage

Who Knows- Chronixx & Proteje

Rasta- Jah Cure

Struggles- Jah Cure

Nobody In The World- Konshens

Once Again- Pressure

Over You- Jamelody

Loyal- Cecile

You Lied- Shaggy

Give me a Try- Chronixx

Far Away- Flipo

Weh You Did Deh- Alkaline

Kill Dem Slowly- mavado

Mad Me- Popcaan

Money Love Song- Vybz Kartel

Steppin Rayzor- Chris Marin

You Alone- Jah Mel

Mama- Kerry John

Once In A LifeTime- Jesse

Missing You- Makamillion

Jah Jah Run Things- Tarrs Riley

Stay With me- Romain Virgo

FourFiveSeconds (Reggae) - Rihanna

Ugly Girl- Ikaya

Paparazzie- Beres Hammon

Stylin- Proteje

Two Man Army- Positive

Star Across the Sky- Romain Virgo

No Way No- Magic!


Honesty- Tarrus Riley

Dem Ah Watch- Tarrus RIley

Protection- Proteje

Capture Land- Chronixx

Break Free- Loyal Flames

Look On My Face- Chris Martin

Dreams of Brigther Days- Busy Signal

Soul Provider- Romain Virgo

Im a Big Deal- Chris Martin

Tyad Fi See Me- Charly Blacks

I Can See- CHris Martin

7 Eleven- Dexta Daps

I Need your Love- Shaggy, Mohombi


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Man Of D House- MadSkull

Up It Up- Tamu

Love Soca- Shaunelle Mckenzie

Pumping- Wizskid

Drunk Again- Fireman Hooper

All Day All Night- Advokit & Skinny Fab

Sunset Spring- Hance

Spree- Bomani & Keido

Soca 365- Skarypon

Too Hard- Hypa 4000

My Queen- Maddzart

Life Of the Carnival- Fete King Maddzart

Unbreakable- Keith Currency

Voice Note- Kev

Small Ting- Kev

Pum pum shorts- 4th Dimension & Skinny

Duttiness- Jamesy P

Bam Bam- Lauara Lisa

Do What You Want- Fresh Kydd

So Amazing- Probem Child &4th Dimension

Assume The Position- Frytkion

No Behavior- Cloud 5

Mash Up- King Bubba FM

All Night- King Bubba FM

For All ah Dem- Fryktion & Problem Child

Money Done- Patrice Roberts

Anti-Social- Luta

Best Wine- Ozarie

Be My Lover- Busta Ski

Soca Feters- JoJo

Wave- Bomani

Wild Goose- Jamesy P

In Yo Panty- mason

Whining Time- Rus-T

Party Jagabats- Fya Empress

We Life- Maddzart

Waistline Criminal- Blama

To Be Honest- Mylo Enah

Nah Me Alone Dr. P

COme Inna Dis- Deniro

In Charge- Vincy Bad Boy

Skatta- Hypa 4000

On The Streets- Kahailia

Dust It Up- Ready Up Royall

Mash Up International- Travis World & Skinny

No Manners- Flanka

No Manners Transition (170 to 120)

This Island- Rodney Small & Skinny

Weh Yuh Want- Nikki D Diva

Feeling Good- Nikki D Diva

Wake It Up- Fya Empress

Argument Done- Kubiyashi & Skinny

Normal- Destra Garcia

World Famous- VincyBadBoy

Champion- Problem Child

Last Time- Tamisha

Drinks Up- Keith Currency



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Life We Live- Jah Cure

Wake Up- Jah Cure

How Can I forget- Jah Cure

Longing For- Jah Cure

Love Is- Jah Cure

Sticky- Jah Cure

Kings In This Jungle- Jah Cure/Sizzla

Arms of Love- Jah Cure

Rasta- Jah Cure

You Dont Understand Love- Jah Cure

Two Way Street- Jah Cure

Miles Away- Jah Cure

Call On Me- Phyllisa & Jah Cure

Every Corner I Turn- Jah Cure

2012- Jah Cure

Why Can't We- Jah Cure

Struggles- Jah Cure

Stronger- Jah Cure

Stronger Than Before- Jah Cure

Mother Earth- Jah Cure

U Deserve D Best- Jah Cure

What Will It Take- Jah Cure

Never Find- Jah Cure

Before I Leave- Jah Cure

Nothing- Jah Cure

From My heart- Jah Cure

Searching- Jah Cure

Better Way- Jah Cure

Pressure We Hard- Jah Cure

My Love- Jah Cure

Nothing is Impossible- Jah Cure

Believe Me- Jah Cure

All of Me -Jah Cure

True Reflections- Jah Cure

That Girl- Jah Cure

Unconditional Love- Jah Cure & phylissia

Zion Train- Jah Cure


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7/11- Dexta Daps

Big Deal- Chris Martin

Tyad Fi See Me- Charly Blacks

I Can See- Christopher Martin

Cyaah Do It- Gaza Slim/I-Octane

Bend Ova- Mavado

How It Feel- Alkaline

Bedroom Fantasy- Alkaline

Bagga Tings- Alkaline

Free Up- Tarrus RIley

Nuh Trust People- World Boss

Way Up Stay Up- Ching Ching

Nah Use Dem- Mavado

Ghetto Bible- Mavado

Done Talk- I-Octane

Straight & Narrow- Kartel

Nuh Like People- Alkaline

What If- Busy Signal

Text Message- Busy Signal

A Bay- Kartel

One Wine- Machel/Sean Paul

Buddy Bruka- Aidonia

Volcano- World Boss

Money me A Look- Viking is KING

New Jordans- Russian/Kartel

Ride & Wine- I-Octane

Unruly Party- Popcaan

How To Rave- Deyque/Flipo

Mama Pray For Me-Popcaan

Junction- Popcaan

No Regular- Alkaline

Kill Dem With Style- Beenie Man

A Boy Like Me- Mavado

Girl Born To Wine- Shurwayne

Party Animal- Charlie Blacks

Body Specialist- Gully Pop

Dem Nuh Bad Like Me- Gully Pop

Wul de Claffy Dem- Alkaline

Duh We Yuh Waan- Mavado

Clear D Way- Mavado

One Inn D head- Alkaline

Lightening- Aidonia

Box Lunch- Vybz Kartel

Facebook Like- Addi Innocent

Wifey- Alkaline

Id Like to Know- Charly Blacks

Credit Alone Done- Vybz Kartel

Dancehall- Vybz Kartel

Do Di maths- Addi Innocent

Puppy Tail- Demarco

Million Gal- Beenie Man

Find It- QQ

The Nicest- Charly Blacks

High Life- Mavado

In Love With You- Vybz Kartel

Unstoppable- Vybz Kartel

Ruff Har Up- Konshens

Style Dem Again- Busy Signal

Tenement Yard- Chronixx

Ugly Girl- Ikaya

Stylin- Proteje

Capture Land- Chronixx

Cool Me Down- Tarrus Riley

Kill Dem Slowly- Mavado

Weh You Did Deh- Alkaline

Mad Me- Popcaan

Tell me- Chris Martin

Never Stay Around- Vybz Kartel

Rasta- Jah Cure

Happy Pum Pum- Vybz Kartel

Pretty Face- Addi Innocent

The Goods- Keshan/Vybz



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Lucy- Destra Garcia

Dutti (Travis World)- Hypasounds

Motivation (SMJ)- Shal Marshall

DJ JEL Presents LUCY 2015 Carnival Cool Down

Circles- Kerwin Du Bois

Festival- Nava/Machel Montano

Away- Preedy

Maximum- Sekon Sta

No Apology- Kerwin

Party Done (Marcus Williams)- Angela Hunte/Monk Monte

Pop Ah Bottle (Kubiyashi)- Machel HD

Cooler Fete- Nadia Batson

Looking For It- Patrice HD

In Trouble- Farmer Nappy/Alison Hinds

Cloud 9 (Marfan)- Lyrikal

Loner (Gomez)- Lyrikal

Her Love- Flipo

The Best-Sekon Sta & Advokit

Out On D road- Darnella

Ola- Olatunji

Phenominal- H20/Benjai

Ducking (Travis World)- Fadda Fox

Fallin- Kes The Band

Look Fuh Dat- Kes & Parliament Music

Getting On Bad- Monk Monte

Cyah Stop meh- Sharadah

Come From?- Erphaan Alves

My House- Farmer Nappy

Overdoing It- Kerwin & Ravi B

Like Ah Boss- Machel Montano

Our Time- Bunji Garlin

Remedy (SMJ Road Mix)- Monk Monte

Sanko (Razorshop Mix)- Timaya

(((BASS)))- Young Voice

Shake It- Shurwanye Winchester

All My Love- Major Lazer/Ariana/Machel

Raze (SMJ)- Fay Ann

Vagabond- Ricardo Drue

Ah Feeling Mehself- Patrice Roberts

Going Off- Skinny Fabulous

endless wuk- machel & precision

on my way- Monk Monte

Come Back- Destra & Machel

Million- Kes/London Future

Magnetic- Kerwin

Ah Feeling- leadpipe/saddis

Climb- Stadic & Bunji Garlin

Great Parade- Patrice & Machel

Erupt- Machel/Patrice

Rough it Up- Machel HD

Flatten- Skinny Fabulous

Go Granny- Granny

Drift- Fay Ann Lyons

In Charge- Stadic & Sekon Sta

Losing It- Stadic & Machel

Turbo Charge- Shal & Squeeze Head

Maddest Crew- Blaxx

Play D Mas- Iwer George

Trouble- Patrice/Precision

No Other Way- Skinny

Watching Meh- PRecision/Machel


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My House- Farmer Nappy

Jiggle- Mr. Renzo & Nessa Preppy

Come Back- Monk Monte/Destra

Bad Girl- Jungulus

Our Time- VIKINGS FT. Bunji

Look Fuh Dat- Kes The Band

Getting On Bad- Machel Montano

Cyah Stop Meh- Sharadah

Come From?- Erphaan Alves

Noise- 5 Star Akil

Liquor- Jaiga

Cloud 9 (M.Marfan)- Lyrikal

Million Gyal (Travis)- Kes The Band

No Apology (I.M.)- Kerwin Du Bois

Magnetic- Kerwin

Her Love (LovaBoi)- Flipo

The Best- Sekon Sta

Out On D Road- Darnella

Ola- Olatunji

Phenominal (SMJ)- Benjai

Festival- Nava/Monk Monte

Maximum- Sekon Sta

Dutti (Travis)- Hypasounds

Naughty- M1 (Menace)

No Recollection- Mr. Bessor

Turn Up- Umi Marcano/Makamillion

Fallin- KTB

Loner- Lyrikal

Circles- Kerwin

Place In Life- Blaxx

We Up Dey- Bunji Garlin

Doh Take It On- Chucky

D Influence- Kerwin

OverDoing It- Ravi B/Kerwin Du Bois

Next Man Wife- Master Saleem

Like Ah Boss- Monk Monte

Remedy (SMJ)- Shaggy/Machel Montano

Soca State of Mind- Kitch

Climb- Bunji/Stadic

Excitement- Kitch/Kerwin Du Bois

Great Parade- Patrice & Machel

Turbo Charge- Shal & Squeeze Head

Officer- Jaiga

Flatten- Skinny Fabulous

Rough It Up- Machel

Panty Dropper- Mr. Killa

No Rest- Destra

AirBorne- Ricardo & Destra

General Don- Madmen/Kes The Band

People (MOVE)- MX Prime

Doh Hold Meh- Fay Ann Lyons

Mental Home- Stadic & Skinny

No Discipline- Problem Child

Deal With It- Erphaan Alves

In Charge- Stadic/Sekon Sta

Drift- Faye Ann Lyons

Losing It- Stadic/Machel Montano

Erupt- Laventille Rhythm Section & Machel

Whole Place- Swappi & Duce Man

Exodus- Jus Now/Bunji Garlin

Forward- Nadia Batson & SASS

Trouble- Patrice Roberts

Play D Mas- Iwer George

No Other Way- Skinny

Watching Meh- Precision/Machel

Carnival Rebels- Preedy

Maddest Crew- Blaxx & RCA

Go Granny- Granny

Straight- Squeezy Rankin

Give It To Dem- MillBeatz feat. Destra

Significant Wine- MillBeatz feat. Skinny

Bumper College- MillBeatz/Lyrikal

Riddim in We Vein- Ola

Sanko (Razorsharp)- Timaya

Love Up- Kerwin/Red Boyz

(((Bass RoadMix)))- Young Voice

Sweat- Chris Martin/Machel

All My Love- Machel/Ariana/Major Lazer

Raze (SMJ)- Faye Ann Lyons

Shake It- Shurwayne Winchester

Personality- Chucky

Vagabond- Ricardo Drue

Feeling Sexy- Patrice

Renegade Soca- Ataklan/Bunji Garlin

Lucy- Destra Garcia

Going Off- Precision & Skinny Fabulous

Endless Wuk- Precision & Machel Montano

Highest Feeling- Erphaan

Chubble- Ola, Preedy, Lyrikal

Away- Preedy

Sagga Boy- Chow Chow

I Like It- Faith Antonie

Breakaway- J Angel

Drum Roll- Jo Jo

Motivation- Shal Marshall

Push It Back- Tim Tim

Don't Tempt Me- Dwaingerous & Fay Ann Lyons

Pussy Cat- Shurwanye

Cheers- Vikings/Bunji Garlin

MARD- Vikings/Fay Ann/Bunji/Ace & Crym

Ah Feelin- Lead Pipe & Saddis

Ducking (Razorsharp)- Fadda Fox

Start It- Kerlz

In Trouble- Alison & Farmer

Looking For It- Patrice Roberts HD

Cooler Fete- Nadia & SASS

Pop Ah Bottle- Machel Montano HD

Island Adventure- 5 star Akil

Party Done- Angela Hunte/Machel


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Cloud 9- Lyrikal

Noise- 5 star akil

Maximum- Sekon Sta

Million Gyal- Kes the Band

Fallin- KTB

No Apology- Kerwin Du Bois

Magnetic- Kerwin

Doh Take It On- Chucky

My House- Farmer Nappy

In Trouble- Farmer Nappy & Alison Hinds

Cooler Fete- Nadia Batson

Looking For it- Patrice Roberts

Pop Ah Bottle- Machel HD

Ah Feelin (Blaqrose Mix)- Lead Pipe & Saddis

D Influence- Kerwin

Ola (SMJ Mix)- Olatunji

Her Love- Flipo

The Best- Sekon Sta

Phenominal- Benjai

Motivation- Shal Marshall

Breakaway- J Angel

Ducking (Razorshop Mix)- Fadda Fox

Drum Roll- Jo Jo

Naughty- M1

Dutti- Hypasounds

Iz We Time- Kris Kennedy

Away- Preedy

Come From- Erphaan Alves

Cyah Stop Meh- Shradah

Look Fuh Dat- Kes

Getting On Bad- Machel Montano

Heat- 3 Sunz

Remedy- Machel HD

Sanko (Razorshop Mix)- Timaya

Love Up- Kerwin Du Bois

(((BASS)))- Young Voice

Shake It- Shurwayne Winchester

Feelin It- Devyn

Raze (Dr Jay Mix)- Fay Ann Lyons

Renegade Soca- Ataklan & Bunji

Vagabond (Crown Prince Mix)- Ricardo Drue

Ah Feeling Sexy- Patrice Roberts

Lucy- Destra Garcia

Highest Feelin- Erphaan Alves

Going Off- Skinny Fabulous

Endless Wuk- MMHD

I Like It- Faith Antonie

Sagga Boy (SMJ Road Mix)- Chow Chow

Don't Tempt Me- Fay Ann Lyons

Take Me Away- K.I & 3Veni

Cheers- Bunji Garlin

MARD- Vikings & Ground Empire

Doh Fraid- Fay Ann & Bunji Galrin

Place In Life- Blaxx & RCA

Liquor- Jaiga

Start It- Kerlz

Ooh La La Lay- Destra

Own It- Jahmoun

Overdoing It- Kerwin Du Bois & Ravi B